Private Lesson Reservation and Referral Forms

Private Lesson Reservation Form
You can assist your returning clients with their Private Lesson reservations by helping fill out their Private Lesson Reservation Form.

  1. Download and print the Private Lesson Reservation Form
  2. Fill out their private lesson reservation details
  3. Before 11/1: Submit to Meg Sierant by email, fax 970.754.4525, or in person at the Vail Mountain Administration Building
  4. After 11/1: Submit to PSS

Private Lesson Referral Request Form
It’s the responsibility of the Original Instructor to:

  1. Download and print the Private Lesson Referral Request Form
  2. Contact the instructor being referred and have them accept the (possible) booking by signing this form
  3. Contact the guest and confirm that the referred instructor and booking dates are agreeable to them
  4. Get a supervisor’s approval and turn in form

It’s the responsibility of the Referred Instructor to contact the guest before the booking to introduce themselves and confirm the details of the booking (dates, meeting location, start time, special needs, etc.).