New Employee Referral Program




  • Know the person being referred.
  • Be an active employee, an employee currently on SIS or employee who worked for us in the previous season and is planning to return, from any department, not just SRS.
  • In good standing at time of payment.
  • Employee Referrals are accepted in any of our Ski and Ride Schools in Colorado, Tahoe or Utah and do not need to be in the same location that you are working.


  • Possess a current PSIA/AASI certifications, or the international equivalent, as confirmed by SRS Director.
  • Have current authorization to work in the United States.
  • Successfully complete “Fit to Ride” and be employed and in good standing at time of payment to referring employee.
  • Apply using the outlined process to be identified as a referral.


  • Be new candidates sourced and referred to the position by an existing or SIS employee.
  • Have not worked for the company in the past two seasons in any position.
  • Come from an external source:
    • Cannot be a transfer from another Vail Resorts department in any business unit.
    • Cannot have worked for Vail Resorts in the prior two seasons in any business unit.
  • Be sourced via a non-Vail Resorts channel, e.g., cannot come from a job fair or event, etc.
  • Complete the standard recruitment process and be offered a position.
  • Payment to referring employee occurs 90* days after referred employee’s start date. If there are fewer than 90 days left in the season when the referred employee starts, the payout will occur at the end of the season if the referred employee completes the season.
  • Part-time instructors must work a minimum of 15* days in the season, and referral award payment is deferred until this requirement is met.
  • Employees may make multiple referrals, and are eligible for multiple referral awards.
  • Vail Resorts officers, vice presidents, directors (grades 28+) and all members of the TA & HR teams are encouraged to make referrals, but are ineligible for referral award payments.
  • SRS HMs and Supervisors are eligible for referral awards.
  • Vail Resorts reserves the right to change or discontinue this program as business needs dictate.

* Adjustable by the SRS Director based on business need