Slope Safety - Spring Conditions

Slope Safety – Spring Conditions

Spring is right around the corner! The snow is changing by the hour and creating a non-stop transformation of our hills. The spring months may be demanding, but we can not forget about protecting ourselves. Having an injury now will not only make for the obvious end to your season, but also a very limited summer.

Below are some of the many challenges we’re faced within the spring months.

Snow condition. Know what you’re getting yourself into.
Is the snow groomed? Is the snow sun-baked? Is your run on the south or north side of the mountain? Is the snow crusty/chunky? Is the snow wind-blown? Is the snow soft but heavy? Is there fresh snow? Is that fresh snow wet from the warm spring temperatures? What are the differences in the snow from the early morning to the late afternoon? What are the differences in the snow from high terrain to the base? Is the snow fast today? Is the snow slow and sticky today?

Think about the best strategy to get through the above snow conditions. Do you need to slow down and use caution, or dig down, power through, and cut through that heavy mound of snow? What is the best and safest way for you to make it down the run successfully?

Where is the water flowing? It will ultimately freeze. Beware.

Parking Lots
We’re in the freeze/melt cycle. Use caution getting out of your car in the morning or at night.

Walkways and stairs
The snow is melting during the day and freezing at night. Use traction devices if you have them. Use handrails anytime you can.