About Us

Welcome to the 2015-16 season and the Vail Ski & Snowboard School. This is where our world-class instructors access professional development tools.

“Inspire PASSION for the mountain experience”

  • We create the best place to follow our passion… by connecting everything that matters – there is no better place to teach, live, build authentic relationships, grow and have fun.
  • We are the industry leaders… by committing to development, benefits, safety internal resources, and providing growth opportunities.
  • We create lifelong skiers and riders… by providing the highest level of quality instruction and maintaining our top rated on-mountain customer experience.
  • We connect with the legacy of Vail… by upholding our tradition of excellence while investing in our future.

You’re here because you have a passion for mountain sports that might be considered unreasonable by some standards. But don’t worry, you’re in good company. We understand the need to spend more days in boots than any other pair of shoes you own. And the corner office wasn’t good enough for us either – we had to have 5,289 acres of the world’s best office space with 360 degree Rocky Mountain views.

But that’s not the only reason we’re here. We love spending 100+ days on snow. And it’s a privilege to call the mountain our office. But, Vail offers some things you can’t get anywhere else:

The pride of working for the world’s most renowned ski and snowboard school.

– and –

The opportunity to benefit from our internationally recognized training program.

Instruction is a great job, but instructing at Vail is quite possibly the greatest job on the planet. Simply put, it’s the best place you could ever hope to teach.

Let’s learn a little more about what it means to be a Vail Instructor . . .

Your Purpose – Provide our guests with the highest quality instruction and guest service. Vail guests expect the best, and it’s your job to make sure they get what they’re looking for, and more!

What You Do – Teach according to our industry-leading standards, and continue your professional development with the help of our world-class training program.

Who Benefits – Our guests, our school and you. Our guests enjoy the world’s best ski and snowboard experience through your expertise and coaching. And you contribute to the outstanding reputation of our team by adhering to the highest standards of instruction and promoting our professional image.