Training Team

Rob Crawford

Rob Crawford

Manager of Training and Quality
Hometown: Millerton NY Vail since: 1980 Favorite Vail run: Headwall in the gook Certifications: PSIA Level 3 Alpine, CS2, FS1, Alpine Examiner (E1) Rides on: Blizzard/Technica Playlist: Anything but country Favorite Travel Destination: Nepal Experience of a Lifetime: Skiing a week at National Academy with my son in Big Sky.
Cyndi Seebode

Cyndi Seebode

Hiring and Training Specialist

Hometown: Murphys, CA
Vail since: 2008
Favorite Vail Run: Can’t choose
Skis On: Dynastar and Harlen, my horse in the summer
Playlist: Country and 90’s alternative rock
Favorite Travel Destination: Summer in Cape Cod

Experience of a Lifetime: Jan. 1997, 1st time skiing in Vail, blizzard, Vail pass closed, Skied Game Creek and China Bowl all day and saw maybe 20 people. A perfect day that made me want to move here!

Chuck Hewitt

Chuck Hewitt

Assistant Manager of Training: Snowboard

Hometown: Portage, Michigan
In Vail Since: 2002
Rides On: Never Summer, Hovland, Giro
Favorite Vail Run: Haha, come make some turns with me and maybe I will show you…
Apres: Fish Tacos and Beer
Certifications: AASI/PSIA-RM SB Examiner 3, AASI/PSIA-RM Childrens Examiner, S3,CS2, FS1, TM1, X2

Experience of a Lifetime: Repeatedly launching Lover’s Leap the day after being hired on as a new snowboard instructor (in November 02′) on what will remain one of the best powder days of all time…

David Oliver

David Oliver

Assistant Manager of Training: Alpine

Hometown: Taos (pronounced—:-Taa-oooS-)
In Vail since: Mentally since 1990, Physically since 2017
Favorite Vail run: Forever.
Certifications: Alpine 3, tele 2, snowboard 2, adaptive 2, Children’s Specialist 2, USASA 300
Skis on: Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, Hestra, DC Shoes, Tall-T Productions
Playlist: Anything Punk, with a dabble of Deadmau5, Marshmellow, Skrillex thrown in for flavor
Après: The Fitz
Off-snow Activities: Fabricating anything, Tinkering, Straighlining anything, Cork 7’s
Most Proud of: My Daughters, Aria & Cienna
Favorite Travel Destination: Disney World, or Napa/Sonoma depends on the time of year.

Experience of a Lifetime: first time riding Prima with Bergie as a peer & not as a candidate.

BJ Aguilar

BJ Aguilar

Operational Training Manager – Golden Peak Adults

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Vail Since: August 92’, Ski School since 94’, 21 Seasons @ GP
Favorite Vail Run: Anywhere with powder, Roo-2-Ma Chute
Certifications: SB1, CS2, FS2, Alp RMT
Skis/Rides On: K2
Playlist: Swollen Members (Monsters in the Closet)
Après: Fitz
Off-snow Activities: Family, Mountain Biking, Road bikes, Golf
Most Proud of: Making a career doing what I love, in the place I love, with the people I love!
Favorite Travel Destination: Montana, Big Sky and Bozeman.

Experience of a Lifetime: My daughter’s favorite instructor is Nathan Bennet, who I taught skiing to for about 12 years. Full Circle!

Patrick Breen

Patrick Breen

Training Supervisor - Lionshead Children's

Hometown:  Palmyra, NY

Vail since:  2013

Favorite Vail Run:  Steep & Deep, Heavy Metal

Skis on:  Blizzard, Lange, Patagonia, Smith Optics, Dakine, Leki, Lululemon

Certifications:  PSIA Level 3, Children’s Specialist 2, Freestyle Level 1

Playlist:  Rap/Hip-Hop

Off-Snow Activities: Wildland Fire, Hiking, Working out, Bouldering

Favorite Saying:  “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.”

David Alonzo

David Alonzo

Operational Training Manager - Lionshead Adults

Home town:  Colonia, N.J

Favorite Run:  Forever

Certifications: PSIA Level 3 Alpine,  E-3 Examiner

Freestyle 1, Children’s Specialist 2

Equipment: K 2 Skis

Playlist: Proper Rock and Roll, Genuine Country (three cords and the truth)

Après spot:  Sundance Saloon (all-time), Tavern

Off Snow activities:  Cooking, Fly Fishing, Golf, Hiking, and learning guitar.

Most proud of: My Children Harrison and Katie

Favorite travel destination: Trout streams with clean, cold water, any golf course where the greens are true and my Mom’s house.

Favorite saying:  “Be awesome and laugh a lot”

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Operational Training Manager - Vail Village

In Vail Since: 2004


Favorite run at Vail: A little slice of Heaven in between Heavy Metal and the Divide


Rides on: Rossignol, POC, Patagonia


Certifications: PSIA-RM Examiner 2, Children’s Specialist 2, Freestyle 1, USSA Coach 100


Playlist: Anything that gets the blood flowing


Favorite Travel Destination: Traveling back to my home state of Montana will always hold my heart. I have been all over the world to ski and there are so many wonderful places I cannot pick just one.


Hobbies: Mountain/Road cycling, Fly fishing, Traveling the world, Enjoying time with my new baby boy and husband.


Favorite Quote: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”


Favorite unique food: Raw Scallops


Favorite Ski Quote: “The shorter you are the more powder there is!”


John Lira

John Lira

Operational Training Supervisor
  • Home town: Niles, Michigan
  • Favorite run at Vail Resorts : Skree Field
  • Certifications: Alpine Level 3, CS2, Alpine FS1, Snowboard Level 1, SBFS1,  Indiana Bar Assn.
  • Equipment you ride on- I’m a free agent
  • Playlist- John Legend, 90s-00s HipHop, Bon Jovi, Journey
  • Apres spot- My Couch
  • Off Snow activities- Eating Fried Food, Movies, Bike, Paddle, General Adventure
  • Most proud of: My short lived stint on MTV Spring Break Survival Guide…
  • Favorite Travel Destination: Wherever my family and friends are
  • Favorite saying: “…Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” – Bruce Lee