Morning Milk Run Protocol

Morning Milk Run Protocol

Early Morning Runs – “Milk Runs”

As an instructor, it is great to take early morning runs almost any day you’re scheduled, so long as you play by the rules. Remember, Milk Runs are a PRIVILEGE. Your failure to comply with the following guidelines could jeopardize this privilege for everyone.

Note: You are not covered by Workers’ Compensation while participating in this activity.

Loading occurs at select base lifts (One and Eagle Bahn Gondola at Vail, and Centennial Express at BC). Ride times vary throughout the season based on opening schedules. Generally, loading is 30 minutes prior to public opening. If you miss the ride time, please cooperate and respect the lift operators and their rules – they are trying to prepare lifts for opening to the public.

Vail Mountain:

  • From One
    • You may ski to the bottom.
  • From Eagle Bahn (Gondola 19):
    • You may ski back to Lionshead or Vail Village avoiding primary lift corridors (Chair 8, G19).
    • If you go to the Village, do not attempt to load Gondola One in front of the public.
    • Exercise caution! You are likely to encounter snowmobiles, snowcats and uphill skiers/snowshoers in this area.

Beaver Creek:

  • From Centennial Express:
    • You may ski Gold Dust exclusively.
    • Egress is Hay Meadow back to the base.

General Rules

  • You must be in uniform, to be easily identifiable by lift operators and to return to work.
  • You must show the lift operator your pass.
  • Always exercise caution! Mountain Ops may be working on the mountain at any time to prepare it for the day and you may encounter snowcats, snowmobiles, haul cats or other mechanical devices at any time. Please yield to all such operations and be especially cautious at road crossings, when cresting blind knolls or entering low-light situations.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to bring non-Ski & Snowboard School friends with you.
  • In the event of a powder morning, the lift may not be ready at the designated time. Please be patient and realize that you may not be able to load prior to the public opening. Any assistance you can provide, such as ski packing the maze, is greatly appreciated.
  • We recommend that you ski/ride with a “buddy” when on a milk run. This is for your safety.
  • Obey all signs and rope closures.
  • Runs you are allowed to ski/ride are mountain specific. We do not want our guests to think that their favorite runs are being tracked out before the official opening of the lifts each day. Please be sensitive to this.
  • Please wait until AFTER the official opening time to re-load any base lift.